GO Rides Frequently Ask Questions

General FAQ

A. Yes, you can click here for instructions or call 301-446-2512 and we will get back to you and explain the procedures to sign up for services for those other than yourself.

A. All of our services are completely free.

Volunteer FAQ

A. Volunteers must be at least 21 years old to provide our direct services. However, other opportunities to serve the organization may be available. For example, GO Rides works in partnership with the Olney Library to offer programs geared toward seniors. Youth volunteers may be needed for these programs. Please call us at 301-446-2512.

A. Yes, we are happy to have those residing outside of our area join with us as a volunteers.

Services FAQ

A. Please call us for the ride even it is less than one week prior to the appointment. We will make every effort to assist you. However, the ride will be harder for us to fulfill.

A. GO Rides has close to 100% reliability in providing on-time pick-ups on both ends of the trip. If the appointment is one hour or less, the volunteer driver frequently remains in the doctor’s office. If not, the driver will return at the estimated pick-up time.

A. GO Rides has a 95% rate of filling ride requests. As a volunteer operation we can never guarantee a ride, but we make every effort, including partnering with other organizations to help fill rides when we cannot.

A. All drivers have completed background checks which reveal any criminal activity. The check also ensures that the driver has a valid state driver’s license. We also require that the driver have liability insurance. The driver also attends a special training class which prepares her/him to work effectively with seniors.

A. Please contact us at 301-446-2512 to discuss your exact situation and whether GO Rides can work with you and which alternatives might be a better choice.

A. Normally a walker is not a problem as it can fit in most cars.

A. Yes, but please let us know about the additional rider when you request a ride.

A. Yes, but please let us know about this when you call in a request. This will honor the volunteer driver’s personal time, as she/he cannot reasonably be expected to meet a request that was not previously scheduled.

A. Yes. Greater Olney Rides is happy to supply rides for social or other activities at the Olney Library, the Longwood Community Center, the Olney Theatre Center, the Sandy Spring Museum and private establishments such as Panera’s.

A. Yes. Yes, if you are in our service area (Olney, Sandy Spring, Ashton, Brookeville, Brinklow) we will try to take you to pretty much any place in Montgomery County. The county is quite large, so it might be more difficult to fulfill a longer ride request. We do encourage riders to find equivalent services that are usually available in the Olney area.